This is another unit organized by ILL-BOSSTINO, the rapper of THA BLUE HERB, and co-produced by WACHALL. Compared with the sound of THA BLUE HERB, which is composed of one MC and one DJ and seeks to clear away the decorative elements as much as possible, the sound of HERBEST MOON features bold use of live instrumentals and vocalists, dub mix, rap, poetry readings, and many other features. Their concept here is “more free and original”. After releasing many singles, the album “SOMETHING WE REALIZED” was released in April 2004. Once they created the songs for the album, the artists deconstructed whole songs and rebuilt them again in order to make the dub album called “DUBTHING WE REALIZED”, which was released in May 2004. And “BLOW YOUR BODY”, we asked remix to Mr. François K, has been played in the dance floors all over the world, and it’s also compiled in the cd released from KLIK RECORDS, Greek. In addition to it, in January 2005, “REACHIN’” was included in the label compilation called “ONLY FOR THE MIND STONE LONG” for Tha Blue Herb Recordings, and the song was also released on 12” single from LIFE LINE in December of the same year. The sound of Herbest Moon is a music which was born in the dance floor like a dense forest where madness, beauty, darkness and sense are all mingled, and return.


They Dance Alone
We Love The Silver Moonlight
Crush The Mirror Dub
Now We Got Dub