Since he started deejaying in 1994 he has been playing a wide range of music covering hip hop, breakbeat, techno, electronica and dub, with no BPM restraint. Currently he holds residency for a party called “SHOP”, which is organized with DJ DYE (Tha Blue Herb Recordings) at club JADE, and for another party called “LINK” at PRECIOUS HALL in Sapporo. After 2000 his activities as a track producer became serious, and he demonstrated his large scale to the public with two super heavy beat works “BAYON” and “SILENT WEAPON”, which are contained on a 12” album “DRUM PROGRAM ANAGLAM EP”. It’s as if he were looking over the horizon far away, and he pulled the beat junkies in each town to his world. In 2003 he released “ON FLOOR EP” and “ON SOFA EP”. The following year, 2004, he worked with O.N.O. (Tha Blue Herb Recordings) as co-producer and released a good quality compilation album: “O-PARTS 2” for O-PARTS REC. In 2005, he provided two songs for the label compilation called
“ ONLY FOR THE MIND STONE LONG” released from Tha Blue Herb Recordings.
Now, he is at work on his new album.


Silent Weapon