He started to produce music around 1992 and improved his sensitivity during ten years deep in the underground of Sapporo. Suddenly, he released his full-length album “DIRECTIONS” from Tha Blue Herb Recordings in 2002. That delicate music world, which makes us feel nostalgia, warmed up the cold and icy city of Sapporo. After that he has never stopped performing live and developing his career. He drew public attention when he toured with his label mate SHUREN THE FIRE from the end of 2003 to the beginning of 2004. The live set was more conscious of the dance floor. It slipped out of the abstract world and appealed to all dancers’ hearts with its emotional sound. He also produced two tracks for the label compilation of Tha Blue Herb Recordings, “ONLY FOR THE MIND STONE LONG”. Especially, “NIKISI”, which was cut as single, was played widely not only in Japan, and that heavy bottom and polished melody
still give out fresh brilliance onto the dance floor. For the time being, the artist holds many impromptu live sessions with various musicians, and does not confine himself to existing musical theory. He is watching vigilantly for a good chance to explode his sense.